Level Squared

Marketing manager, designer, sound designer.

Level Squared (stylised as LVL²) is a minimalist 2D puzzle platfomer in which the player can use a projection ability to manipulate the size and position of objects relative to their own. The game was made as a university project and showcased at PAX Australia 2017.

It won Best Student Game at The Game Awards 2017, and was a finalist in Play by Play 2018.

My main role as Marketing Manager involved creating marketing strategies, making the website and presskit, running social media (Twitter, Facebook), community management, and putting together trailers and marketing assets. Additionally, I was on the design team and was responsible for sound design.

Level Squared is a game about loneliness in a vibrant but somehow lifeless place. The player controls a small green square who does not speak, but can move and jump around. With a mysterious invisible entity guiding them, the green square must use the power of projection to find their way around and get closer to understanding who they are, why they are here, and what it is they truly need escaping from.

The demo is currently available on itch.io!