Designer, writer, producer, project manager.

Designed and produced the board game. Responsible for the writing in the game, including narrative, any text on the game items, as well as the rule book and quick start guide. Organiser and manager for the group, and aided in the technical decisions and implementation. This game was chosen to be shown at the Swinburne Games Lab showcase in December 2015. Furthermore, an additional transmedia experience project and document was also completed. Dead Men Tell No Tales was a mobile interactive narrative based on the RUM board game.

RUM is a tile-laying board game where players are space pirates, beginning at each corner of the grid board. Their objective is to avoid losing all of their gold, and be the last pirate on the board. When players become bankrupt during the game, they then play as the authorities, known as the RUMs. Their new objective will be to chase down the remaining pirates and make them also play as RUMs. The game is for three to four players and recommended for players aged 15 and up.